Anina Chileva

PETRI-Sofia Executive, NCPHA Chief Expert

for Anina Chileva

Executive of PETRI – Sofia, Chief Expert at NCPHA
Anina Chileva is a psychologist, a long-term consultant and trainer in the field of comprehensive health education and health promotion. Since 2007 she has been PETRI – Sofia Executive. Her main work is related to group dynamics training in the field of psychological development and health of young people. She has led large training teams of national and international trainings for trainers, peer educators, teachers and students in the field of sexual health education, project planning and management, advocacy and rights of young people. Over the years, she has been a consultant for UNFPA, UNAIDS and UNICEF. She is also involved in scientific research in the field of youth health. Anina Chileva was the main researcher for Bulgaria of the ESPAD project (European Comparative Study on the Use of Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs among 16-year-old students) from the very beginning until 1999.
From 2003 to 2015, she was a long-term consultant for the Ministry of Health for HIV Prevention among Young People under the Program “Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS”, funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. She is the Chair of ANTISPIN Coalition, member of the Expert Council on AIDS at the Ministry of Health and the Country Coordinating Mechanism for AIDS and Tuberculosis. She is an author of scientific research, publications in scientific journals and co-author of several health education manuals.

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