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Y-PEER News Bulletin August-September 2014

Below you will find the link to the monthyl News Bulletin that PETRI Sofia, with the help of Y-PEER Global Network volunteers has developed for the period of August-September.

In the bulletin, you will find updates from alsmost all the Y-PEER operating countries and the success stories the Y-PEERers have shared, as well as specific events that have taken place in various local networks.


News Bulletin is a visual content-based document, which will report and illustrate activities administered by Y-PEER network on an international level, as well as the national one. Aim of the Bulletin is to enable network members and active Y-PEERErs get acquainted and informed about various seminars, workshops, events and activisms taking place within their own communities, along with those occurring within their geographical region and beyond.

This is a July-August, 2014 Edition:

In 2011 the international center PETRI – Sofia developed a web-based system for monitoring and evaluating the work of peer educators in the International Y-PEER network. In the first half of 2012 the system was piloted in several national Y-PEER networks.

Through the database the following types of information on the activities of Y-PEER is collected, stored and analyzed:

  • peer education trainings with young people;
  • campaigns and events;
  • informal contacts and outreach activities with counseling and referral for HIV testing or consultation with specialists;
  • preparation of educational, informational and promotional materials;
  • media broadcasts and publications.

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