Online course

Role of Young People in Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution and Violent Extremism Prevention

Lesson 1 Introduction to Conflict Studies

Lesson 2 Prevention of Conflict

Lesson 3 Violence and Its Typology

Lesson 4 Violence - Causes and Prevention

Lesson 5 Types of Armed Conflicts

Lesson 6 Factors of Armed Conflict

Lesson 7 The Impacts of Conflicts

Lesson 8 Peace in Theory and Action

Lesson 9 Goal 16 - Global Agenda on Peace

Lesson 10 Youth Peace Security

Lesson 11 Role of Culture and Gender in Peacebuilding

Lesson 12 Role of Women in Conflict Phases

Lesson 13 Negotiation and Styles of Negotiation

Lesson 14 Mediation and its Process

Lesson 15 Types and Success of Mediation

Lesson 16 Violent Еxtremism

Lesson 17 Countering Violent Extremism

Lesson 18 Active Listening. Tolerance.

Lesson 19 Necessity and Definition of Reconciliation

Lesson 20 Reconciliation as Phenomenon in 3 Societal Levels

Lesson 21 Conflict transformation

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